Anna Sarvira

Illustrator, Curator, and Art Director from Cologne and Kyiv, born 1986 in Ukraine.

Annas works were exhibited worldwide including at the Itabashi Museum in Tokyo, the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya in Barcelona, and the Pictoplasma Conference in Berlin. She worked with the Museum of Modern Art in New York, UNICEF, Coca-Cola, and many more. Her works were featured in CBS News, Bloomberg, The Economist,, Deutschlandfunk, and Forbes Magazine. For the internationally broadcasted animated tv series Brave Bunnies she developed the unique style of the show and works as the leading art director of the show since 2019.

Together with Oleg Gryshchenko and Olena Staranchuk, Anna founded the well-known Pictoric Illustrators Club in 2014 - an independent cultural organization focused on organizing illustration and graphics exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. For Pictoric she curated more than one hundred exhibitions.

Anna likes to give creative workshops for kids and adults.


Books (selected)

The girl who kept her eyes open (European Commission, 2023)

Illustration in Ukraine (CP publishing, Kyiv, 2021)

Brave bunnies books series published from 2021 by Ladybird publishing and DeA publishing in several countries including Great Britain, Australia, Italy and Ukraine.

Zero waste (Vivat, Kyiv, 2020)

Tiny Stories (Osnovy, Kyiv, 2018)

No adults! (Luta Sprava, Kyiv, 2017)

 Girls Power (Knygolove, Kyiv, 2017)

Worked with

UNICEF, Museum of Modern Art New York, Goethe Institute, British Council, UN Women, Coca-Cola, European Commission, Penguin Books, Blue Rabbit Publishing, RADAR OST Festival at Deutsches Theater Berlin, Benchmark Education, Glowberry Books, Lyuta Sprava, Osnovy publishing, and many more

Works were featured in 

CBS News, Bloomberg (USA), The Economist (UK),, Deutschlandfunk, ZEITmagazin, BR, Weltkunst, RTL aktuell, Tagesspiegel (all Germany), Svergies Radio (Sweden), SRF, Republik, Neue Züricher Zeitung (all Switzerland), Volkskrant (Netherlands), Datum Magazine (Austria), Le 1 Hebdo (France), 168 Ora (Hungary), Forbes (Ukraine) and many more

Exhibitions (selected)

2024: participated in group exhibitions in Bologna Children's Book Fair (Bologna, Italy), Ukrainian House (Kyiv, Ukraine), at Limassol Old Port Square (Limassol, Cyprus), in Centro Cultural Casa de Francia (Mexico City, Mexico), in Bildungsverein Soziales Lernen und Kommunikation (Hannover, Germany), Koppelkerk Art Centre (Bredevoort, Netherlands), Verteilerhaus (Berlin, Germany) – personal exhibition at Rasom Space (Harleem, Netherlands)

2023: participated in group exhibitions at Bologna Children's Book Fair (Bologna, Italy), Kolumba (Cologne, Germany), Opening of the Itabashi Art Museum (Tokyo, Japan), Otani Memorial Art Museum Nishinomiya (Hyogo, Japan), Nanao Art Museum (Ishikawa, Japan), Institut Français Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia), Ukrainian Institute in Germany (Berlin, Germany), "War on Distance" in Berliner Festspiele (Berlin, Germany), Pohoda Festival (Trencin, Slovakia), Dartmouth College Library (Hanover, USA), Ukrainian Museum of Canada (Ontario Branch, Canada), Book Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine), LITEXPO (Vilnius, Lithuania), Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ukrainian Cultural Center Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden), Volkshochschule (Neuss, Krefeld, Schwerte, all Germany), ASG Bildungsforum (Düsseldorf, Germany), Orangerie des Neuen Schlosses (Bayreuth, Germany), Bildungsforum (Leverkusen, Germany), Stadttheater Ingolstadt (Ingolstadt, Germany) and others

2022: participated in group exhibitions at K20 (Düsseldorf, Germany), Bilderbuchmuseum (Troisdorf, Germany), MOM art space (Hamburg, Germany), Pictoplasma (Berlin, Germany), Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurt, Germany), Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain), Rabryka (Görlitz, Germany), Ukrainian Museum (New York City, USA), Bilder Gegen den Krieg at Comic Salon (Erlangen, Germany), Visions from Ukraine (Ottawa, Canada), Space M gallery (Tokio, Japan), Galleria delle Carrozze (Florence, Italy), Helsinki Central Library Oodi (Helsinki, Finland), Frauenmuseum (Bonn, Germany), Münchner Stadtbibliothek (München, Germany), Kunstverein Göppingen (Göppingen, Germany), Bücherfest Köln at Horbach Stiftung (Köln, Germany), Buchmesse Saarbrücken (Saarbrücken, Germany), Ebertplatz (exhibition in public, Köln, Germany) and others

2021: participated in group exhibitions at Eyes on Ukraine (Torino, Italy), Silpo Art Space (Kyiv, Ukraine), Orthodox Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine), Book Arsenal International exhibition (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2020: participated in group exhibitions at the Library of Children's Literature Seoul (Seoul, South Korea), Silpo Art Space (Kyiv, Ukraine), Orthodox Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine) & personal exhibition at Silpo Art Space (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2019: participated in group exhibitions at Yealife Art Space (Shenzhen, China), Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum (Ishikawa, Japan), Bologna Children’s Book Fair (Bologna, Italy), Book Arsenal International exhibition (Kyiv, Ukraine), Orthodox Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine), Nami concourse exhibition (Seoul, South Korea), Taichung University of Taiwan (Taiwan)

2018: participated in group exhibitions at Duo Yun Xuan Art Museum (Shanghai, China), Today Museo (Beijing, China), Sky Art gallery (TSUM, Kyiv, Ukraine), Book Arsenal International exhibition (Kyiv, Ukraine), Orthodox Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine),

2017: participated in group exhibitions at  Itabashi Art Museum (Tokyo, Japan), Nishinomiya, Otani Memorial Art Museum (Japan), Takahama, Kawara Art Museum (Japan), Ishikawa, Nanao Art Museum (Japan), the Columbia College (Chicago, USA), the DOKK1 Library at the Aarhus Hay Festival (Denmark), the International Children's Content Rights Fair  (Chiang Mai, Thailand), Bologna Children’s Book Fair (Bologna, Italy), Book Arsenal International exhibition (Kyiv, Ukraine), Tbilisi Book Fair (Tbilisi, Georgia) & personal exhibitions at the French Institute (Kyiv, Ukraine), Barbakan Bar and Art Space (Kyiv, Ukraine), TSUM (Kyiv, Ukraine), and Orthodox Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Awards and scholarships (selected)

Scholarship MGZsheroes , Mediengründerzentrum NRW 2024

Bologna Children's Book Fair Visual Identity 2023

Scholarship of the Adobe Creative Residency Fund 2022

Joseph Binder Award in Gold in Media Illustration Category 2022 

Recherchestipendium der Stadt Köln 2022

Stipendium INITIAL 2 Akademie der Künste 2022

Stipendium des Ministeriums für Kultur und Wissenschaft NRW 2022

Awarded by Bologna Children's Book Fair in 2017 and 2019

Participant of Nami Concourse Exhibition, South Korea in 2018

Resident at Prague Civil Society Center in Chisinau and Prague in 2018

Resident at Internationales Bilderbuchfestival (Germany) in 2017

Resident at Raizvanguarda (Gois, Portugal) in 2016

Resident at Gaude Polonia in 2013

Art Director of Brave Bunnies tv series

Anna developed the styles for the internationally broadcasted tv series Brave Bunnies. It is a drawn and animated tv series developed in Ukraine and today broadcasted all around the globe, among other countries in Germany (Toggolino, Super RTL), United Kingdom (BBC), Italy (RAI), Norway, Australia, South Korea, Ukraine, LATAM countries and Spain.


Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.