The girl who kept her eyes open

The book tells the story of a young Ukrainian girl who crosses paths with an exceptionally perceptive girl in her new school. Through their journey, the book illustrates the importance of paying attention to others and offering them support when they integrate into a new country after fleeing war.

Aimed at children aged seven to ten, and parents and educators, this book is a tool for discussing the complex impact of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine in an approachable way.

The book was first published in autumn 2023 and is now available in 13 language and can be downloaded for free on the website of the European Commission. Printed copies are provided for schools and for other pedagogical purposes.


No adults! (2017)


A book with 24 short stories about lifechanging experiences I illustrated for UNICEF in 2017. 50.000 copies were published and distributed for free to children in East Ukraine.


A book about what girls can do which features the biography of 50 successful Ukrainian women. I did the illustration for the book in 2018. The book was shortlisted for Best Book Design in Ukraine.